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When I was a young whelp, I would pass a payphone on the way to school. Sometimes, this payphone happened to ring, and, given an excuse to delay my education, I would always answer it. The conversations were confusing, strange, lewd, banal, wonderful.

Years later, a friend and I drove to a phone booth in the middle of the desert that he had been calling for weeks, listening to it ring. I didn't get it. He started a website about it. Eventually, it sank in, and I visited the booth a few more times during its rise to world-wide superstardom before the NPS ripped it out and destroyed it.

"So," I thought, back in 2001, how about something like a "phone booth of the day/week" website; the number changes every so often, people call it, people hang out at the phone itself and take calls, people submit numbers and photos, etc. Of course, someone else had already done that awhile ago -- the same exact thing, a payphone of the week. But he gave it up, and wished me luck. Then a few more years passed. So now, finally, let's see what kind of trouble we can get into here.

Eventually there will be little doodads and whatnot to leave comments, a display of the local time, etc, but for now, the site's going to be lean and mean. If you want to play along, take the pointer (below) to the site's main logo and put it on your own site. It will change when the number changes, it's eerie. It's like the entire website is encapsulated within the graphic. It is my website parasitically attached to your website. It is like the "virusblog" concept I brought up years ago distilled into its primary minimalistic essence; you can't get much more basic than rotating 10 numbers but oh the worlds those numbers unlock! Oh!

After a week the number will go "dark," even if I'm not pushing a new number right then. The problem with leaving a phone number up for more than a week is that occasionally the phone number will be disconnected due to heavier use than normal. So let's avoid that. Yes.

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