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Swarm 3: Bisbee, Arizona.

Sunday October 23rd through Saturday October 29th.

Picture of payphone

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005.

Someone got through. That's good, since I couldn't remember confirming that the number worked.

I gave Bisbee, AZ a ring today at 12:47p. A man answered politely and reported that the weather today was, "blue". I told him that I was calling from San Francisco and that I was just seeing how things were going. He thanked me for the call.

Hello There,

As a big fan of the movie L.A. Confidential, I'd like to remind you that Bisbee, AZ is the hometown of Kim Basinger's character, Lynn Bracken!

So ask for Lyn Bracken.

First time I called there was no answer, but it was about 2 am CST.

When I called again at a more reasonable hour, the line was busy. A few minutes later some girl answered and said something like, "I talked to the doctor and the tests were negative!" and then hung up.

I had a feeling people were hanging out around the phone answering it just for fun. I mean, how much is there to do in Bisbee?

I'll call again soon and pull a "Miracle Mile" move and freak em out telling them that this is NORAD and we just launched nooks and I'm calling you, mom, to tell you I love you one last time!

-Joe Brush

I contacted the phone booth in AZ today at 10:00pm eastern time. I am from Springfield Massachusetts. A nice guy by the name of Moses picked up and we had a great conversation about the location and weather. I told him about this website and he said it was pretty cool talking to someone from Massachusetts. He asked "Where the hell did you get this number from?" So I told him the story of the Mojave phone booth and everything. He seemed to find it all very interesting and thanked me for the call and said he would be interested in checking out the website so I gave him the url and said have a great day man.

Corey from Massachusetts

It's great that you know the story of the Mojave Phone Booth. And the legend spreadeth throughout the land, etc etc.

I called on Tuesday evening, on the way home from work and got Cory, a high school student who was thrilled to get the call. He let me know that Bisbee is a very small town where only one store stays open all night (Circle K) and where there is only one high school. Also, they have to drive 40 minutes to see a movie. His impression of Bisbee is that it is wonderfully multi-cultural, with an above-average concentration of gay/lesbian citizens. He also cited a strong showing for the Thespians. Additionally, he put the price of local marijuana at $20 per bag.

- Rob

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005.

I called the Bisbee booth today at 2:25 pm Arizona time. No answer. I let it ring for 2 minutes, 51 seconds.

- Rusty

A young baker named Ariel answered the Bisbee phone tonight at 6 pm. She lives a block away and was on her way to play tennis (don't worry the courts are lit). She works a lot at Cafe Cornucopia and only has time to exercise at night. Apparently she heard the phone ring earlier but didn't answer it. She said this is a great time to call because there are lots of folks milling around.

I told her about the website ("oh. oh ok.") and asked if she'd be willing to field calls one afternoon. She quickly replied that she works a lot. So, that's a no go.


I called the Bisbee, AZ payphone today at 10:39pm Eastern time. A guy named Paul answered. He was nice, but paranoid about receiving a payphone call from a complete stranger. I asked him if he had any idea where this call was comming from? He said "Heaven???" I said "No...Springfield, Massachusetts." When I asked him what made him answer the phone, he replied "Well I watched that movie phone booth, and was petrified to answer but I had to." I assured him that there were no crosshairs on him and he and his friends were safe. He was just passing through Bisbee. He asked me "Isn't there anything better to do in Springfield Massachusetts?" I said "certainly not" and with the question of "where did you get this number from?" I once again unloaded the tale of the Mojave Phone Booth on him (my favorite story ever). He said he had to go and I said bye and have a safe trip.

Corey from Massachusetts

p.s. I tracked down a satellite image of the phone site in Bisbee. It may be incorrect. I found the picture by looking for landmarks around the payphone. They may be accurate, They may be not. I have attached 2 Jpegs to this email. Check em out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Thanks and have a great day

Satellite pic

That's some darned wonderful sleuthing you've done there, that's definitely the place. And the color-coded photo, wow. Bravo.

Thursday, October 27th, 2005.

Yo. Called at 8:17am this morning and got no answer. Will try it again later. On a side not, what is the address of said phone? Thought I might use Google maps to get the lay of the land while making my big call...


Michaelsean's report came in before I had a chance to put up Corey's satellite map.

I just called the phone at 19:08 BST and spoke to a very sleepy sounding man on the other end.
Me: "Hi! I'm just calling from the UK - what time is it there?"
Him: "Urrgghhh.. This is a pay phone."
Me: "Is it? Cool. What time is it there?"
Him: "About ten oclock"
Me: "Am or PM?"
Him: "In the morning."
Me: "Thanks a lot. Bye!"

"I can't believe someone would call this early in the morning ..." Payphones seem to elicit strange behavior.

I called the Arizona number. I asked the guy who answered if there were any horses near his location. He said he didn't see any. I told him I thought there were a lot of horses in Arizona and asked him to call the proper authorities if he saw one.

Thursday, October 27th, 2005.

Tried at 1200 and 1400 MST but no answer so far. Will continue trying.
Tyler W. Cox

I called the phone tonight, i spoke to a man named Dan. He said the phone has been fairly busy. I asked to speak to a guy named john because he had paged me with this number.

Dan said that there has been someone comming to the phone about every 15 minutes tonight and that must be the guy named john whom i was been looking for. He said that he wasnt around right now but he would tell him i called when he saw him!

Corey from Massachusetts sent along a satellite photo of the pay phone area. Very dramatic.

satellite view of bisbee phone

I called Bisbee at 9:10pst on Oct 28th and after several rings some guy picked up. I said I was from Seattle and was wondering how things were going. He said "this a phone booth in the middle of Bisbee Arizona!" He asked who I was calling for I said "whoever picks up".

I explained the site, how I got the number I told him to check out phoneswarm.com

He said things were getting active in town with Halloween weekend and all.

I concluded by asking him if I should rent Titanic or Batman Begins. He sounded surprised that I hadn't seen Titanic yet, but I explained that it was a new Collectors Edition. He still voted for Batman. Seemed like a nice guy.

- Chris from Seattle

Tried several times throughout the day to no avail, then at 1934 MST on my home from work I got an answer. Chatted with a gentleman who was waiting for a Mexican bus which he was planing on riding home to Phoenix. He said that the weather was nice and that there was the smell of backyard barbecues in the air everywhere and that it was like "Being trapped in a postcard." I gave him the URL and he said he'd check it out once he got home. Score: 18 Calls, 2 Less bored people. Judge's decision People win.

Tyler W. Cox

Saturday, October 29th, 2005.

After entering my last call I decided to call again. This time at 01:57 MST. After all, may as well get some use out of being able to call anywhere in the US free.

This time I got a pickup in very short order. The man I talked to introduced himself as John. He inquired as to whether or not I knew where I was calling. I said that I was calling a pay phone in Bisbee, AZ. that was across from the bus terminal and just down from Cypress Hill.

John seemed a little surprised, especially when I told him I was in the middle of Colorado. He asked if I was from Bisbee because I knew the area. I fessed up that I was not and gave him the URL. I asked if there was a lot of nightlife in the area and he said there were a few bars nearby. After passing him over to my wife for a brief hello he said he had to go as he was trying to hunt down a couple of drunk friends that had wandered off.

Tyler W. Cox

I called at 4:35 PM CST from Chicago, IL. I had called a minute earlier and got a busy signal. Then I retried and someone picked up on the first ring. I asked if this was Arizona and he seemed perplexed and said yes. I asked if he had gotten any other phone calls he said no. I asked if he was waiting out there all day and he said no. I then told him about the website but he wasn't very interested. Then he said "well I gotta go" and hung up.
- sean