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Saturday, September 16th, 2006.

Payphone location: Powell Street, San Francisco, California. The phone number of the current phone (this page is an archived phone) is, as always, displayed via the logo to the left. Here's a short list of all the ways you can work the payphone magic.

Picture of payphone

Yes, Phoneswarm has been dormant for awhile. Now it is not. I was trying to make everything a little more automatic. Some things worked, some did not. I fell down the rabbit hole. People do that, sometimes. Now I'm trying again, but I've put a bunch of stanchions around the hole and perhaps I won't be so careless next time. Thanks for mostly not swearing at me.

This phone is on a street with cable cars. There they are. It is by O'Farrell Street.

In other payphone news, I have been noticing that places with multiple phone booths are taking out the "extras." It is a sign of the times. Do not stand in one of these extra booths when they start to remove it.

Friday, August 1st.

Has phone swam been abandoned? Will a new number ever be featured?

No. Yes.

Saturday, August 16th.

Update your goddamn site already.


Tuesday, August 26th.

Hello Heard about you on CBC and we would like to know just where we can find the phone numbers to call.hopefully with a web cam thanks Cathy

Saturday, August 30th.

Is phoneswarm closed down? It has been three months since the last post.

No. Yes.

Sunday, August 31st.

hello, my name is joel and i am in a graduate program at an art college in minessota. As a conceptual project for class, i would love to make use of this amazing website, call the number and record the whole exchange including the webcam feed. However, i do not know if there are any up to date numbers/webcams that you know of right now, i cant figure out any numbers from your site even though you say the number is in the upper left. Anyway, anything you could do would be SO appreciated, and i would even keep the source a secret if you wanted so the site does not get even more swamped with callers. Thank you for whatever you can do,

again, joel.


Sunday, September 10th.

I was just wondering what's happened with phoneswarm since june 1rst. Are you going to update some more, or has it been buried at a crossroads with a stake in its heart? It's a great project, and it would be a shame to see it die, or (in my case) to stumble across its corpse. If you need another payphone, there's one at my town's train station I could photograph for you. Hope I'm not bothering you. Thanks!

Yes. No. Yes please. No.