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party poker

Adventure Landing, Jacksonville, Florida.

Monday January 9th through Sunday January 15th.

Picture of payphone

Angela has submitted a payphone:

Hello! You've asked for unique phones, and I do believe I've found one of the most unique out there!

I am an employee at Adventure Landing (http://www.adventurelanding.com Jacksonville- Blanding location) a local family fun center, here in sunny Jacksonville, Florida! We are the proud operators of the best Laser Tag arena on the East Coast, two mega arcades, two miniature golf courses, and a freakin' awesome go kart track. So, of course, we happen to have a payphone.

The location of the pay phone is in the very corner of the park, surrounded by picnic tables. Ten feet away are the two miniature golf courses. There are no shift positions near the payphone, and nobody is ever constantly around the payphone. However, if you're within a twenty foot radius, you will hear it ring. On Saturdays, we have roughly 700 people come through the park, Sundays the number is around 500. Weekdays are significantly lower, but we've always got people in the park. We are open from 10am - 10pm, Monday - Thursday, and 9am - 12am Friday and Saturday.

Also, I've currently gotten all of my higher managers interested in your site, and they'd love nothing better than to have our phone featured! If it gets used, I also promise to park by it on break, and come in during my shifts early. So do a lot of the other staff members.

Monday, January 9th, 2006.

4 rings and it goes into modem tones.

Yesterday it rang twice and went to that blasted tone. So that's fair warning for everyone. You may have to call multiple times. The first time, like a warning flare. The second time lets people know that you're going to keep calling. The third time will probably be the charm.

Also, an article on pranking. Though being UK-centric they're all over the 1958 "Aston-Martin on top of the Senate House" bit. Folks at MIT did something similar in the mid-twenties. And Farnsworth invented television. FARNSWORTH.

Tuesday, January 10th, 2006.

I called- it rang a few times then seemed to get forwarded to a fax machine??


Wednesday, January 11th, 2006.

Called three times in rapid succession, enjoying a high-pitched symphony at the end of each call. This was after 5pm on Tuesday. I'll try again at lunch today.

Saturday, January 14th, 2006.

Well, I finally got somebody on the line. Talked to him for about 3 minutes about random stuff. Since I'm calling from Europe we both marveled at the super clear connection. Apparently he works at a car shop or something and they occasionally use the payphone next to Adventure Land too.

Three rings, then a beep, then tones.