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party poker

BP Gas Station, Atlanta, Georgia.

Monday December 5th through Sunday December 11th.

Picture of payphone

Scott has submitted a payphone:

Cool website... I think its a great idea! I've found a phone (actually a pair of them) that I think would work really well. They're at a BP station in Atlanta, GA at the intersection of 14th St and Northside Dr. It's next door to a Burger King and across the street from a Krystal burger. There's almost always someone in the area whether its one of the many customers or one of the nearly-resident homeless people.

I've attached some photos I took tonight. This should be a fun phone at almost any hour of the day.


Monday, December 5th, 2005.

Hey, your site is absolutely awesome. Do you except any international contributions? Maybe you could do like an international feature which changes less frequently or such.

404 888 xxxx gets a disconnected or no longer working message, no answer on 404 888 xxxx

Okay, you're wrong on the first number -- I just checked it -- and you had the wrong number for the second one.

Called a few times around 4:15pm PST. Alas, no answer.

seems someone has been watching this going on. i called monday 845pm and someone picked up and said "pizza hut, can i take your order?" i, per my usual plan, told them (with a thick chinese accent) that i was from wong's kitchen and that there was some confusion with their order. i think they were pissed at me... fun anyway! my first actual person!

So even though someone tried to prank you, you tried to prank them in the same way? That is so conceptually daft I don't know what to say.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2005.

1:30am EST, tried the phone...one ring and then modem noise. Tried it several times hoping someone would catch it on the first ring....no luck at all....no fun

It only gives me one ring, then the modem noise. No time for anyone to pick up...

Yes. It has adapted. This is unofortunate. But I cannot roll out another new payphone, I'm having a problem keeping up with the schedule as it is. Not enough indoor phones.


A message from Italy. Perhaps it is a code.

Back to 4 rings... still no pickup though.

-96xx rang 4 times before going to the modem sounds.

-94xx rang 3 times before going to the modem sounds.

10:10PM EST

Thursday, December 8th, 2005.

I started to tell you, I have a phone for you. I have to get the info together. I tried the number and it works and it's in an old-fashioned wooden booth and everything. Maybe tomorrow?


Well, I just called both numbers. It rang once, then that nice squeeeel of a modem. Kinda feels nostalgic, helps me remember the times of back in the day before everyone had broadband (yes kids, there WAS a time when dial-up was the hottest thing)
~Nik L.

P.S. I have 3 different payphones in my area that I can submit and one of them is in front of a busy 24/7 gas station. Ill try to get pics and numbers to you tomarrow as I dont think you're going to get any luck with these ones.

Okay, that is excellent.

WHY do you chenge your phoen number all of the time!?!!! What if I want to call you and it is changed again? Have you evar stoped to think about how this effects other peoples besides you? to change the number all of the time. LatER!

Never saw that one coming.

other guy: Hello? (slight accent, russian?)
me: Hey, I left the package there, did you get it?
o.g.: no nothing here, this is a payphone.
me: Johnny, is that you?
o.g: [hangup]

Well, I dialed about 8 times just now and got the old modem squeak each time. Is there no one in Atlanta at this hour? 5pm ish there...ok...since I work on the phones, let me tell you of my favorite call:

Me; This is Fair, May I help you?

Caller: I am staying in your New York hotel and there's a fire engine outside. THe number on the enigine is 1453. I am staying in room # 1453. Does this have something to do with me?

Oh, man...well I told this story to a colleague and right off the bat he says "I would've told her my employee number was 1453!"

I could never be so mean, but I do confess I laughed my head off!

Hey Jeff. Thanks for this site. I wandered here after mourning the Mojave Phone Booth about five years too late. I'm a Mom. Actually middle aged. But my family's schedule is so frantic that I need a break no matter how small. For whatever wacky reason, phone booths give me just that. So, thanks.

Friday, December 9th, 2005.

this is the coolest site ever.
i was going through rocketboom
archives and... damn.
this is right up my ally.
my friend and i call up random hotels... and make friends.
its great.
oh man.

also, there is a phone at a gas station down the street from me. i'm going to go up there perhaps tomorrow and get the info/pictures with my friend. no way in hell i could do it alone.

i really love this whole idea. reminds me of when i was like seven and no one in my family had cell phones so my mother would call our house from a grocery store.

1:19PM eastern time
three wayed with my friend
3/4 rings
modem sound
will try later

sorry to bother you, but also, i was wondering how you picked out phones. they all seem to be out west in California/Arizona. I think we need some east coast love on here. My high school has a phone booth in a hall that no one ever really uses except to take pictures for myspace.com or something. In middle school we had a payphone ring once and my friend picked it up. intresting times. i've become obsessed with this site for yo' information. yay.

I live in California. I lived in Arizona. These are the phones I had set up and ready to go. Other people are submitting phones.